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ABC Copier Solutions
Stand No: C01
We purchase 2nd hand photo copiers, plotters and large scale printers. No matter where you are in Australia, we can help.

Our professional and trained staff will pick up your machine free of charge in capital cities.

We have all necessary equipment to remove the device from your premises including a taillight truck and 2 man team if required.

Call us for quote for your end of life photo copier today. We’ll pay you for it.

ACCO Brands Australia
Stand No: K37
ACCO Brands is global company representing local and overseas manufacturers in stationery, office equipment, business machines and more. Our leading brands in Print Finishing include IDEAL and Uchida which cover an assortment of finishing jobs. We enjoy long standing and close relationships with our suppliers, to ensure we are delivering quality and innovative products to our customers.
At Printex 2019 we will showcase the latest in Electric Guillotines, Paper Cutters & Automated Lamination in addition to an assortment of Paper Folders and Manual Guillotines – everything you need to turn your print job into a finished product.
ACCO Brands aims to provide outstanding service and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to our products to help you, the customer, make an informed and educated purchasing decision. We will be giving our visitors the chance to take advantage of some great deals and savings for our machines and be amongst the first to trial our new machines.
Our Print Finishing machines are all covered by competitive warranties in addition to after sales support and a comprehensive service repair network Australia wide.

Accura MIS
Stand No: F51
Accura MIS is the complete solution for your printing company - whether you are Digital, Wide-format, Litho, Web-offset, Labels or Flexographic. Our complete "end-to-end" solution is one of the few systems to offer fully integrated CRM, MIS, and Web2Print is one solution.

We don't think of these as separate solutions - they are ONE THING, seamlessly interacting with each other... after all, what is the point of Web2Print if it is standalone? - we call that "Web to nowhere"!

Few MIS solutions for the printing industry offer the Ease-of-use, Scalability, Power, Flexibility and Affordability of the Accura MIS.

The Accura CRM module is one of the few truly integrated Print MIS CRM systems available. It adds a unique set of 'front-end' Sales and Customer Service functions for your business, directly replacing commercially available CRM packages.

The Accura Core Module provides all the essential functionality you require - from taking the initial enquiry, raising the job, through to delivering it and sending the invoice.
With Accura's integrated approach, you save time by not having to input the same information time and time again. Included in the basic Core Module are:
Client and Supplier/Vendor Management; Estimating; Order Processing; Proofing; Deliveries; Sales Invoicing; Accounts Integration; Management Information Reports; User Configurable Reporting; User Specific Security Protection.

AccuraOnline is about building relationships with customers, retaining more customers, building loyalty, building brand awareness, and offering something that most of your competitors can't - so they choose to do business with you first.

ADI Displays
Stand No: H2
ADI Displays are Specialists in Displays & Graphics, known for their ability to create impactful displays that are easy to set up, easy to transport - on time and budget.
At PrintEx 2019 ADI Displays will showcase many SEG (fabric graphics) display applications with portable, modular and lightbox solutions. Also, we are introducing a unique expo floor system available for the first time in Australia.
ADI Displays wishes to inspire you and open your mind to opportunities that you can offer to your customers in exhibitions, events, retail and office fit-out markets.

Aeronaut Automation
Stand No: N20
Aeronaut Automation is an Australian manufacturer of automated cutters with quick change tooling. Aeronaut systems are used for applications such as graphics, packaging, composites materials, recreational and industrial textiles, rubber corrugated cardboard and much more. With 20 years in the business we have a proven track record and distribution around the world. Our systems include rotary, drag and oscillating blade cutters, CO2 lasers and ultrasonic cutters, They are built to be robust, accurate and low maintenance. We look forward to meeting you PrintEx 19.

Alfex Laser
Stand No: L37
Alfex Laser has Australia's largest range of lasers for cutting, marking and engraving. We will be demonstrating a variety of laser systems and highlighting several exciting laser applications popular within the signage community.

Lasers are an integral part of signage and print companies due to their ability to create custom signage in a short time. From cutting acrylic lettering for a sign, to engraving a logo on wood, to cutting plastic for a nameplate, to engraving on stone for memorials – we have the right laser solution to increase your business productivity and profitability.

The versatility of our lasers product capabilities mean that signage companies can cut, engrave and mark a variety of materials on one piece of machinery. From small desk-top lasers and CNC routers to large-format laser cutting and engraving, we have a laser solution for your application.

We offer the latest laser solutions from world-leading brands such as Epilog Laser, Lotus Laser, Kern Laser Systems and Vision Engravers, as well as high-performance engraving, ADA and architectural substrates from Duets by Gemini.

At Alfex Laser we are known for our local premium service and support. Our national team of service technicians are available on call and on-site to support your signage business.

Attendees are invited to stop by the Alfex Laser stand at L37 for a personal demonstration as well as laser engraved and cut samples.

Amari Visual Solutions
Stand No: O18
Amari Visual Solutions offers a full portfolio of signage media, printers, inks, accessories and substrates. AVS has a strong focus on servicing customers from sign, display and POS companies, digital wide-format printers, screen and offset printers, commercial shop fitters, truck and trailer builders, industrial and manufacturing companies and acrylic fabricators.

On display will be the new Roland VG2-640 print and cut machine, the new Flora Xtra2512LED flatbed printer, the new Flora Xtra1800RUV UV Roll to Roll and Colex’s SharpCUT flatbed cutting table, in addition to the Lamination Systems SignEasy 1600 PLUS and Signmaster 1600 Pro laminators and the Inglet InBlade cutter. See live demonstrations of the complete YelloTools and Tec7 ranges of tools, accessories and adhesive solutions, and discover our extensive range of substrate solutions including ACM, acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC and more…

While you’re here, challenge one of the team, or a friend, to a ping pong match to win a prize.

Stand No: R31
ANYLUX CO.,LTD tries to find a key to maximize usability and satisfy the user's convenience through endless R&D for Unique, Special Design of Anylux Items line.
Moreover, ANYLUX CO.,LTD family members do all the best to provide the reasonable price and the highest quality with Anylux LED Module Series, Lamp Series, Lens Series, Controller Series, LED Bar Series and etc.
Also via Systematic Process of Manufacture and Strict Inspection of all steps from purchasing raw-materials to packing are done for our valuable clients in the entire world.
Anylux Co.,Ltd keeps the most honest attitude to clients always and it will be in your heart as an enterprise which tries to be the best in this field. Please don't be afraid to be an Anylux Co.,Ltd business partner for better future!

B&R Moll, Inc.
Stand No: C04
B&R Moll Inc. is the leading manufacturer of folder gluers, rotary die cutters, tape applicator and specialized bindery finishing equipment. We are a family owned and operated in Pennsylvania, USA. Over 40 years ago we pioneered the simplistic and affordable folder gluers machine and today we continue to meet customer needs and exceed expectations. Our goal is to make sure every customer is satisfied. “Remember, finishing may be the last thing you do, but it’s the first thing your customer sees.” View our full line of high quality finishing machines and accessories, including machine specifications, fold examples, and video at

Bazhoushi Guowei Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Stand No: L45
Bazhoushi Guowei Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. It is the largest professional exhibition products company in the north of china since it built.we have already established steady and healthy harmonious trade relationship with many advertising age nice and exhibition

Stand No: D02
We supply ACP for a range of applications from signage to large-scale construction projects on 6 continents and 25+ countries and counting. Today, our facility is fully vertically integrated allowing us to customize all parts of each panel from core to coat. We produce over 1 million sqm of panels a month without compromising our industry leading quality standards. all this means that we deliver a superior product, with shorter lead times, at lower price points to give our clients a distinct advantage in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Bottcher Australia Pty Ltd
Stand No: 137
The centrepiece of Böttcher’s stand, number I37, will be its Neon and the Easy Clean Surface (ECS) roller series. Aimed at the packaging market and HUV-LED printers, the rollers boast a long and stable life featuring a smooth, homogeneous surface made of special compound features that enables a fast release of ink, paper and dust in colour change washes, says Mitch Mulligan, managing director of Böttcher Australia. “One of the key attributes of these rollers is their ability to make fast colour changes because of the unique surface. They’re very easy to clean, in layman’s terms – it’s a new milestone of innovation applicable to the carton & HUV printers,” Mulligan said.

Apart from the just released BöttcherTop NewUV which is the bench mark HUV/Led Blanket technology, Böttcher will also be showing off its BöttcherTop 1001 coating plate for water-based and UV varnishes, which is suitable for embellishment applications, and aimed at commercial and carton packaging printers. “Our coating plates are a first in class tailored solution for those two segments, offering some really unique fine detail in their coating application. They also have technology that allows them to be stripped more easily,” Mulligan said.

Stand No: O28
Celmac is a leading supplier of digital printing and finishing solutions.
We are committed to partnering you and your business for mutual growth.
At Printex 19 we will be showing our range of HP latex and Epson printers, Aristo cutting tables and Summa vinyl cutters, plus a range of Kala products including the Mistral laminator, mounting table and Calendaring unit.
We will also be demonstrating via our applications wall Johns, Drytac and Aurich textiles.
Come and see us on stand O28 to see these products plus our colour management solutions including Barbieri and Fogra PSD certification and talk to our techs and see why Celmac has been rated the AAA rating for service with HP.

Stand No: 32
About Cerm
Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Belgium, Cerm offers a modular, process-efficient Business Automation Solution designed to meet the specific needs of narrow web printers around the world. Cerm is an independent vendor, partnering with industry leaders to form a complete end-to-end business solution for its customers. Headquartered in Belgium, Cerm has an installed base in EMEA, Asia, Australia and North America, all with local support. Cerm is part of the Heidelberg group. For more information:

More than MIS
At the heart of Cerm’s solution are eight specific modules, each supporting a critical step in the printer’s integrated workflow - from estimating over to shop floor data collection to invoicing. Connecting these modules provides the narrow web printer with a way to go beyond just MIS and enable the management and automation of their business.

The modules are part of three product categories:

Web4Labels is an all-in-one digital shopfront for online quoting and managing of assets, providing a critical online resource that lets sales people and end-customers order labels and get quotes remotely.

Insight into operations, including capacity per machine and how to optimize machines to reduce change-over times. Stock, inventory and raw material data is also available, as well as crucial details for shipping.

Cerm backoffice includes specific solutions to relieve the practical problems that come from printing a larger number of different products with smaller print runs. Produced quantities and shipping information is taken from the shopfloor to generate shipping notes and invoices.

The printer can choose the modules that meet their needs today, then add more as their business grows.

Colour Graphic Services
Stand No: I11
Our booth will be packed with expert advice and technologies on colour management for all processes. Managing Director of Mellow Colour, Alan Dresch, will once again visit and be available on our booth. Alan will be running demonstrations of Mellow Analytics, Impression Proof, Mellow Cloud as well as PrintSpec and InkSpec.
The latest Just Normlicht ISO 3664:2009 LED viewing system will be shown. LED is making rapid advances as a longer-lasting and eliable light source for assessing critical colour.
As Techkon’s dealer in Australia, we will be showing the full range - SpectroDens, SpectroPlate, SpectroDrive and DENS.

‘Free Colour Health Checks’ whereby users of digital printing (eg Xerox or HP Indigo), and wide format devices, as well offset, can print out a special colour testforme and have it measured and analysed with Mellow Colour’s PrintSpec on the stand for a free report and advice on where colour problems might be occurring. “We introduced these at the last PrintEx and they proved so popular, Alan and I struggled to keep up with the demand but we are fully prepared for a busy measuring and reporting programme this time,” says Crowther.
Closed-loop colour control for offset presses will also be a feature, using Printflow software, of which Crowther has established several sites with leading printers in Australia. “Printflow can deliver new life to older presses with automated, closed-loop colour control and also is a feature on newer presses where proprietary closed-loop systems may be quite expensive,” says Crowther.

Currie Group
Stand No: E28
Currie Group specialises in providing and servicing print equipment of the highest quality to the graphic arts industry. We can assist with all needs throughout the printing process - from file preparation to finishing. We work with world class suppliers such as HP Indigo, Horizon, Foliant, CRON and AB Graphic International to provide you with an end to end solution. With our people, support, equipment and consumables combined we can provide you with a fully 'Integrated Print Solution'.

Stand No: 22

We are elite in our services because we provide the best Embroidery Digitizing Services. We are superior in our services as we provide the embroidery digitizing quality you need from us. We offer a wide variety of deals and packages for our clients. Can you make a good deal with us if you know what a digit-it is? The main goal of creating this organization is to provide maximum satisfaction and other benefits to the client. The best deal with us is possible if you know what is Digit-it really? The central purpose to create this company is to provide the maximum client’s satisfaction and other benefits. We have established this company to deliver your embroidery orders on time.

Display Systems Australia
Stand No: G07
Display Systems Australia will be highlighting fabric as the most popular print medium in today's market. There will be 4 new products on show including two portable light box products and a Barrier Graphic product. Our very popular VizFrame tension fabric display has a new addition to the range which will suit Exhibit, Conference and Retail environments. Of course Australia’s favourite Banner Stand, BannerBug, will also make a show.

Dongguan Campertent Co. Ltd.
Stand No: O39
We are manufacturer with more than 15 years of outdoor experience. We have 300 employees and annual output is USD40 million. Main products include folding canopies, inflatable tent, star tent, flags, table cover, roll up banner, etc. They have been exporting to Europe, US and Austrilia amd are widely used for trade show, advertising.  In 2016, we imported Epson printing machines and ink for dye sublimation, which makes product color more bright ,natural and can last for years. Any customized logo and color are available. Moreover, we have more than 20 styles of aluminum and steel frame. We also set up a warehouse in California distributor and it is convenient for US and nearby client. We focus on product quality and aim to offer the best service and prompt delivery at a competitive price.Welcome overseas customers to cooperate with us and seek for business opportunity

Stand No: R28
This is the first time DURST has exhibited at the PrintEx Show. Visit us on our booth to see the introduction of 2 new presses, P5 250 HS wide format printer and the TAU RSC 330 E for high-speed label production.

Durst has been manufacturing high-end bespoke equipment for over 80 years, from the Northern Italian HQ in Bressanone/Brixen. At Durst, we understand the challenges and opportunities that can arise for all different kinds of businesses, and we aim to have solutions tailored to solve those challenges and to win those opportunities. With the advent of the modern Digital workflow, we have solutions from “Pixel to Print”

P5 250 HS with ¾ Automation for maximum workflow and production. Printing up to 2.5m wide at speeds of 600m2/hr. With a resolution of 1200 dpi and 5 picolitre drop size. Combined with the latest UV print and ink technology this device delivers the ultimate solution for quality and speed.

Tau RSC 330 E, with an actual resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and 2 picolitre drop size, exceptional print quality at a high speed of 52 linear metres per minute, including white. The TAU RSC generation also offers a unique possibility to upgrade to enhance speed on site with one click. The TAU has many options and solutions to satisfy all you label production requirements.

Both Machines will be running live every day, visit us to see for yourself.

Durst, from Pixel to Print.

Stand No: T24
Over many years Ecolean has presented a continuous stream of game-changing innovations and we are pleased to bring these solutions to the local Australian marketplace proving that it is possible to provide the world with lightweight, safe and convenient packaging solutions for liquid food with minimal environmental impact. Ecolean presents a whole new take on sustainability.
“Ecolean’s ambition is to provide the world with a lighter approach to packaging. as well as what happens at the package’s end-of-life. The learning from this is how important it is to take the full life cycle into account, instead of focusing on just one raw material. We encourage brand owners to always ask packaging suppliers for an EPD – Environmental Product Declaration – so that you get the full picture of the entire life cycle impact of the processes, from raw material to product end of life.

Stand No: Q14
Ecolease are the leading equipment finance specialist in the Sign, Print and Graphics industry and have been servicing the industry for the last 13 years. Speak with us about how we can make financing your next equipment purchase simple and hassle free.

Stand No: D07
EFI is a global technology company leading the worldwide transformation from analogue to digital imaging. We are passionate about fueling customer success with products that increase competitiveness and boost productivity. We develop breakthrough technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow suite that transforms and streamlines the entire production process.

At Printex19, EFI will showcase a wide range of products and applications that will expand the opportunities of your business. We will display our EFI VUTEk h3 superwide format hybrid inkjet printer. We will also showcase our productivity software offerings through our EFI MarketDirect StoreFront, Print Suite, and Cross Media that will help expand your superwide print capabilities eCommerce, marketing automation, scheduling and data collection. For intuitive job management and smart makeready solutions, you will find our EFI Fiery Command Workstation and Fiery NX Hardware on display!

Be sure to stop by our Stand D07 to see all of our offerings and to talk to one of our team members about how EFI can best serve you. For more information, please visit

Stand No: D07
EFI is a global technology company leading the worldwide transformation from analogue to digital imaging. We are passionate about fueling customer success with products that increase competitiveness and boost productivity. We develop breakthrough technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow suite that transforms and streamlines the entire production process.

At Printex19, EFI will showcase a wide range of products and applications that will expand the opportunities of your business. We will display our EFI VUTEk h3 superwide format hybrid inkjet printer. We will also showcase our productivity software offerings through our EFI MarketDirect StoreFront, Print Suite, and Cross Media that will help expand your superwide print capabilities eCommerce, marketing automation, scheduling and data collection. For intuitive job management and smart makeready solutions, you will find our EFI Fiery Command Workstation and Fiery NX Hardware on display!

Be sure to stop by our Stand D07 to see all of our offerings and to talk to one of our team members about how EFI can best serve you. For more information, please visit

Elizabeth Machines
Stand No: G47
Elizabeth Machines are the sole distributors for Miller Weldmaster seam sealing machines, view demonstrations on all models (Stand G47)
Our banner welders are the most versatile and fastest available for finishing banners.
We are also displaying our AEM-21 Automatic heavy duty eyelet machine along with our TEXSEW Pro conveyorline sewing machine for your digital textiles signage.

Epson Australia
Stand No: C18
Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to becoming indispensable to society by connecting people, things and information with its original efficient, compact and precision technologies. The company is focused on driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations in inkjet, visual communications, wearables and robotics.
Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the worldwide Epson Group generates annual sales of more than US$10 billion. Since opening for business in November 1983, Epson Australia has emerged as a leading supplier of quality imaging products to the colour printing, imaging and photography markets.
Epson will be presenting a comprehensive stand at this year’s PrintEx with a range of products to showcase its latest cost-effective solutions for the industrial label printing, dye sublimation, DTG, wide format, and POS and poster printing segments. With a focus on saleable output, stand C18 will open eyes to new and expanded business possibilities.
Phone: 02 8899 3666

Esko Pty Ltd
Stand No: S28
Are you producing packaging, labels, signage or displays?
We understand the world is getting more complex!
For decades now, Esko helps brands, designers, premedia companies, tradeshops and printers/converters to manage, create and produce better packaging, signs and displays. Esko’s range of integrated solutions are globally recognized to be the industry benchmark.
“Packaging Connected” is all about removing distances between consumers, retail and brands. Removing distances between the brand, the premedia house and the tradeshop, the printer and the converter. It’s about bringing everything in to context and assuring a flow between the entire ecosystem.
Visitors will be shown how Esko, through innovation, is addressing the challenges of today’s demands, increasing productivity, reducing waste & errors so you can remain successful in the world of tomorrow.
See why the Kongsberg Digital Finishing solution is rated the ‘best in class’ for speed, accuracy & reliability, with our extensive range of tooling, automation and connectivity.
With Project Management, Esko will show you how to work ‘Stress Free’ with 30% increase in efficiency, 80% reduction in errors with 15x less time spent of project searches, 6x less time spent on design requests and 5x less time of approvals.

Europoles & Textile Displays
Stand No: A47 and C51
Europoles is showcasing so many products this year, we had to get a second stand. In addition to our unique range of Vario textile display systems, traditional range of flags and foam furniture, we will also be displaying some NEW products including light boxes, deckchairs, umbrellas and gazebos.
Europoles vision is to consistently be ahead of the rest when it comes to quality products and print, sourcing only the best materials to manufacturer our end products here in Australia. Europoles uses advanced, digital textile printers, to ensure long-lasting, rich, vibrant prints for our amazing products.
Visit stands A47 and C51 to see the variety we have to offer for your promotional needs.

Feelis Co., Ltd.
Stand No: R18
Feelis Co, Ltd is based in South Korea and a leading manufacturer specializing in ultra thin LED Light Boxes (10mm, 16mm and 20mm), LED Light Boards (8mm), LED Strips and LED Backlight Modules utilizing high end LED strips since 2005. We manufacture only known as “World’s Best” products with most reliable quality, higher and uniform brightness and elegant design for Retail, Luminaire, Restaurant, Food court, Signage, Hospitality, Display & Fixture, Architecture and Shop design. Also, all of our products are custom made, UL listed, CE approved and can be used at any location where such safety codes are required. Based on this know-how, we have been exporting our products to over 40 different countries, mostly USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Oceania and Latin America.

Finance@work Pty Ltd
Stand No: E04
Finance@work provides specialised services to businesses throughout Australia who require Motor Vehicles & Equipment Finance. With access to a wide selection of funding lines, we can help you find the right finance solution that works for your business

Stand No: D05
Lightbox Depot produces Tuffline® LED frameless lightboxes.
We specialise in fabric faced LED lightboxes, illuminated with our backlit LED Ladder Lights or Edgelit LED strips.
Fabric graphics are ideal for our LED lightboxes allowing for fantastic colour intensity and accuracy.
Our EasyFit fabric is non-reflective, lightweight, ideal for shipping anywhere and we designed and built to order.
We produce both single sided and double sided lightboxes.
These lightboxes are on display in shopping centres, specialty retailers, corporate interiors, trade show exhibitions, health and medical facilities, as well as art galleries and museums.
We manufacture all Tuffline® Lightboxes at our premises in Marrickville, Sydney and have shipped to New Zealand, Asia, China, Canada and the USA.

Flexcor Australia
Stand No: S09
FLEXCOR AUSTRALIA HAS BEEN SUPPLYING THE FLEXOGRAPHIC, GRAVURE AND LABEL PRINTING INDUSTRY FOR MORE THAN 30YEARS. Flexcor also Sell and support a range of products for the corrugated box industry and paper mills.

Visit for our BRAND NEW WEBSHOP. Dyne Pens, Doctor Blades, Mounting Tape, Cleaning products, End Seals, Clearance Items and Classifieds (Machinery and Equipment for Sale).

Flexcor are the Australian and New Zealand Agents for a select group of European and North American manufacturers that are well regarded for their quality, longevity and for being best of breed in their respective industries.
Flexcor endeavour to provide top quality products at a fair price and to exceed customer expectations on service and support.

Fuji Xerox Australia
Stand No: F37
As a market leader, Fuji Xerox is able to provide our business partners access to the world’s most innovative document, communication & business process expertise and solutions.
We assist customers to achieve their business goals by providing them with smarter, more effective ways of working that drive growth and reduce costs.
This means customers can focus on what matters most to them: creating strategies to build a sustainable, profitable business.
We are the long standing global pioneer with the greatest breadth and depth of solutions, unmatched experience and expertise, and backed by Australia’s largest sales team and support network.

Graph Pak Pty Ltd
Stand No: J28
About Graph Pak Pty Ltd
Graph Pak was established in 2015, we have a global network of blue chip suppliers, which provides the platform of delivering reliable partner solutions to the Australian and New Zealand Printing Packaging and Concerting Industries. The company is based in Caringbah, NSW, with a national reach and good exposure across Australia & New Zealand.
We are a supplier of post-press equipment, laminating machinery, spot UV and foiling systems, die-cutting solutions, digital finishing machinery , industrial washing and chemical recycling, as well as a vast range of consumables for the printing and packaging industries.
We have a hub of over 20 engineers that support our equipment nationally, and in some cases 24 hours 7 days a week depending on client requirements. The business has downsized over the last four years and become more resilient , introduced internal automation to stand up to the riggers of the ever changing industry and environment & marketplace.
We see the future as bright and hope that you will visit our stand J28 at the Printex Exhibition where you will meet international guests as well as our friendly team. You will be able to receive great knowledge from the time spent with us as well as a few live demonstrations from suppliers: Autobond, Busch, Bimatic, D&K, Thermotype, Renzmann.
We will have a large range of our laminating films on display for you to see, touch and film. These will be running live on the Autobond and D&K laminating machines at the show.
Bimatic and Busch will partner to demonstrate a high speed friction feeder, counting , batching product, delivering onto a conveyor into an automatic banding system – a labour saving feast !!
Thermotype' s ‘’ Glue-tech ‘’ will be running demonstrations throughout the show on a huge range of substrates to show the flexibility of a huge profit maker. This will be the first time this model gluer has been seen outside North America for demonstration for the public. Please don't miss this.
Renzmann, from Germany, will be on the stand being able to answer questions in the world of solvent recovery, as we all know environmental topics are red hot these days, so please take advantage of coming to see us about what we can do as far as saving money for you, recovering your dirty solvents, and discover what we can offer with parts washing machinery.

Graphic Art Mart
Stand No: L28
This year visitors to the Graphic Art Mart stand will be introduced to exceptional workflow solutions designed to increase productivity, efficiency and create high impact.

Graphic Art Mart will be showcasing our extensive range of solutions from Avery Dennison, Roland DG, Arlon, Mimaki, Aslan, CWT Worktools, Chemica and Massivit. Be the first to see a range of newly released products and equipment on display.

Graphic Art Mart will be demonstrating for the first time, the new Roland VG2-640, CWT Worktools’ LST cutting system and the Massivit 1500 Exploration Printer. We will also be demonstrating the Mimaki UCJV 300-160, Forte Franklin 1600 EMTN, CWT flatbed applicators and linear cutters and Forte heat press solutions. Our live demonstrations will provide visitors with exceptional hands on experience, a step into the magic of 3D printing and valuable introductions to our market leading products and technology.

Visit Stand L28 to see how Graphic Art Mart can add a new dimension to your business with our superior workflow solutions, new products and market leading technology.

Gravotech Australia
Stand No: H47
Gravotech, the world’s leading manufacturer of engraving solutions, offers a full range of equipment: rotary engraving machines, CO2 and Fiber lasers, micro-percussion and scribing, engraving materials, consumables and services.
The comprehensive Gravograph product line includes:
- State of the art CO2 and Fiber laser engraving systems,
- Versatile micro-percussion marking systems,
- Innovative software dedicated to the engraving industry, designed to optimise Gravograph machines,
- The most comprehensive range of materials and engravables on the market

Stand No: P40
Don’t tie up precious capital in equipment that rapidly loses value. Instead, safeguard your liquidity by leasing your commercial equipment. Our attractive leasing terms protect your capital and give you greater leverage and leeway when it comes to credit lines with banks and suppliers. The capital cost is spread across the leased item’s entire service life. Gone are the days of buying equipment outright before it has begun to pay its way

Guangdong Donghua Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No: J15
Guangdong Donghua Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd, short for “Donghua” is a company of 19 years experience specialized in manufacturing acrylic sheets, polystyrene sheets, and various of plastic mirror sheets including acrylic mirror sheets, polystyrene mirror sheets, polycarbonate mirror sheets, PETG mirror sheets, convex mirror. Factory covers an area of 25000 square meters and employs over 230 staffs. Depending on superior equipments and equipments and technique introduced from Japan and Taiwan, advanced manufacturing facility, experienced production team, high quality products and timely lead time, Donghua successfully won unanimous approval and favorable comments from the same industry.
For extruded acrylic sheets, there are different of grade according to different application:100% virginal material grade, silkscreen printing/ plating grade, and craft grade(grade A)
Thickness range from 1.0mm to 8.0mm , width can be custom-make within max. 1300mm, length can be as per requests.
As a vendor of many famous enterprises in China domestic( Gree/ Midea / Galanz, etc) and overseas(Hasbro /Mattel Toys/ Estee Lauder/ Dior,etc.), Donghua company carry out ISO9001:2008 and 6S management system, all of our products have achieved relative international safety approvals such as REACH, RoHS, ASTM and EN71, which are widely used in LED lighting, toys, commodities, cosmetics display, decoration and road safety industrial. We provide “ONE-STOP” service of acrylic & polystyrene industries as we can finish the whole production process of making transparent sheet, vacuum plating, cutting, shaping, thermo, forming by ourselves. Now we are certified eco-friendly mirror supplier for major world toy companies. Sincerely hope we can become business partners and achieve a win-win situation.

Gulmen Digital Pty Ltd
Stand No: J13
Gulmen Digital is a proudly owned Australian Business, a part of Gulmen Group. Since 2002, we’ve been supplying and servicing all types of industrial and small business printing equipment, including sales of new and used equipment.
We are at the forefront, providing low overhead labelling solutions to all types of businesses, with a very strong and prompt service, online support and friendly site visits.
We service a wide range of industries, including Wine, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Beverage, Coffee, Olive industries and many more.
Our easy to use software RIP color management system is future proof, taking into consideration all the new Government legislation within the chemical industry for our printing equipment.
Gulmen Digital are proud to be a partner of OKI Data Australia. The toner based printers are nontoxic, low odour solutions to the food and packaging industry. They also withstand relevant regulations, with the accreditation tests for 3 month maritime submersion in Salt Water, meeting European, Australian and New Zealand Government standards.
Our reel-to-reel digital printing process, digital semi rotary die cutter, laser computer to cut and knife plotter cutter makes it all possible to print and finish off labels on demand, making it possible to pack and send out the product instantly.
We have the latest technology (Australian designed) in digital finishing, counting and slitting, all combined in “one pass” workflow process using one software. This revolutionary technology includes:
• Software color management
• Semi rotary die cutter slitter
• Laser cutter
• Plotter cutter
• “Create A Label” Sheet Printer, Laminator and Cutter all in one-pass using one software

Guru Labels
Stand No: R45
Guru Labels remains the premium supplier for high quality digital labels to TRADE printers throughout Australia.

Our dedicated online TRADE portal offers our customers instant online pricing in an ever-increasing range of indoor and outdoor label solutions.

Come visit us at stand S45 where we will personally show you the full scope of possibilities available on our TRADE portal. We can also help you register (quickly and easily) for instant online quotes.

Guru Labels continues to enjoy unprecedented support from label printers and general printers alike, with our speed of response and service underpinned by an incredible team of label professionals ready to help in any way possible.

The ongoing support of TRADE printers across Australia has seen the business grow beyond its modest manufacturing plant in Tuggerah to an upgraded and substantially larger facility at Lisarow on the NSW Central Coast. This amazing new state-of-the-art print facility has given us the space for additional Xeikon digital roll-to-roll print equipment and custom built Rotra finishing equipment. These new machines are guaranteed to double our capacity to better service our customers’ needs and expectations.

If your business needs outsourced label solutions, we recommend you pop in and say hello. Find out why over 1000 TRADE printers across Australia trust Guru Labels.

Haining Bochuang New Material Co.Ltd
Stand No: L22
Haining Bochuang New Material Co.Ltd is professional in the pvc mesh and tarpaulin producer,it can be widely used in the printing .

Hexis Australia
Stand No: F18
Hexis will be attending Printex Sydney 2019 with two main objectives in mind, to showcase the Hexis Battle competition and to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to design and innovation.

Hexis is one of the most popular manufactures of self - adhesive films for its product quality and has established itself as a global leader in the automotive and signage sectors. The many new innovations include carbon, rainbow and chrome effects within its vehicle wrap range along with the HEXPERIENCE decoration range. This service is unique in the market and gives all decoration professionals free access to the online library of print files which can be paired with a textured laminate. New to the range are the Alligator and Brushed Effect laminates suitable for decoration and vehicle installation.
HEXIS will also be showing its printable cast vehicle wrap film THE190 EVO which is a low tack, high performance film which is quick and easy to install due to it’s Take Heat Easy technology.

The well known worldwide event of the “Hexis Battle” is back allowing the best installers to fight it out in the ring with the winner from each final round competing in the Super Round for a chance to win a trip to SEMA las Vegas 2019. There will also be daily demonstrations where visitor’s are welcome to participate and get some hands on experience with our experienced team of trainers using the newest products to the industry.

Hosking Trade
Stand No: J41
Frederick George Hosking established Fred Hosking in 1892 and initially manufactured die cut tickets for entry to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. After some years, the product range expanded and the business became a trusted trade supplier to the print trade throughout the country supplying printers blanks which were then personalised to customer requirements by the printer.

The company then introduced envelope manufacturing to its portfolio and became well known in the market for its very expansive range of both specialty and commercial envelopes.

Today the business has re-branded and is getting back to its roots to once again become a supplier to the trade. Whilst continuing to manufacture high quality envelopes we have expanded our offering with an extensive range of standard trade items along with a line of specialised items including No-Mark Sticky Notes (our version of customised Post It’s) and P.O.S displays and packaging.

With over 120 years’ experience in manufacturing and printing quality personalised products, we are excited for the next stage of the evolution for the Hosking brand.

HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd
Stand No: C25
The HP Graphics Solutions Business is a technology enabler for brand owner communications. The HP mission is to reinvent print to deliver transformational customer experiences in a connected world. HP is the world’s #1 supplier of digital presses with over 8000 digital printing presses and well over 1 million large format printers installed around the world. Using solutions from HP DesignJet, HP Latex, HP Stitch, HP PageWide XL, HP Indigo, HP PageWide Industrial and HP Specialty Printing Systems, print service providers can create output ranging from personalized direct mail pieces and high-end fine art reproductions to point-of-sale posters, to textiles and super-wide building wraps. From publishing to packaging, decoration to display, marketing collateral to photography and more, HP is transforming the possibilities for brands. Creative expression has never been quicker, or more sustainable.

HYBRID Software NV
Stand No: S44
“We are IT experts for the graphic arts industry or
printing experts in the IT world – just the way you perceive us.”

Productivity tools for graphic arts companies

Image Magazines
Stand No: P46
Digital Image Magazine is the leading publication dedicated to wide format, signage and specialty printing in Australia / NZ. Textile Image Magazine is the only publication dedicated to the rapidly growing textile printing industry. To subscribe visit

Impression Technology Pty Ltd
Stand No: Q37
Impression Technology develops a range of innovative inkjet and print finishing technologies. Designers and manufacturers of the globally recognised DTG Digital direct to garment product range. The 2019 Printex show will mark the Australian release of the new PTM DTG pretreat application machine. Impression Technology also offers the Compress UV with print speeds that are unsurpassed in the small format flatbed UV segment. A full range of consumables is available for both the DTG textile printers and the Compress UV flatbed printers. All products are supported by our national dealer network.

Jet Technologies
Stand No: B08
Jet Technologies will be once more, co-exhibiting with Screen Australia.

The centrepiece of our display will be the newest version of Screen’s L350UV+ narrow-web inkjet printing press. Since being launched several years ago, the L350UV has been the most widely sold inkjet press in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia.

With regular upgrades since being launched (software, hardware, number of colours, print speed), the L350UV+ remains at the very forefront of digital print technology with regards to productivity, reliability, colour gamut and so many other important aspects.

All of the L350UV presses in Australia & New Zealand report up-time of more than 90%, which is impressive given that the eldest of these presses is more than 5 years old.

The other focus of Jet Technologies’ stand will be their new Quick 54 celloglazing machine.

Available also in larger formats all the way to A1, the machines are easy to use and surprisingly well-priced given that they are entirely European produced.

The Quick 54 is the perfect machine to laminate our innovating range of celloglazing films to your print. The focus in 2019 has been on textured films, with our Soft Touch Range (Clear, delustred silver, delustred gold and black) widely used and newly launched “Rough Touch” provides the opposite, a gritty-texture, proving difficult to put down once the product is in your hands.

Perhaps most importantly, our Oxo-biodegradable range is a vital new addition, ensuring that anything that we laminate will degrade in landfill or aqueous environments.

It would not be a Jet Technologies stand without a good coffee and barista, so come along and meet our team whilst you enjoy the best coffee at Printex.

John Jewell Design
Stand No: T14
John Jewell Design is a small, brilliant, enigmatic graphic design studio that has, for nearly 35 years, focused on branding, packaging and wine label design initiatives. The firm has creative knowledge in wine branding and wine label designs.

Based in Australia, John Jewell Design was established in the early 80’s, and is arguably a world leader in wine branding.

LABELS ON THE EDGE – Wine Label Trends, and How Innovation is Shaping this Sector

Understanding trends in the wine label industry is not just a nicety – it’s a necessity. This sector, like no other, embraces innovation to grab attention and drive consumer action. John Jewell, who heads up label and packaging design experts John Jewell Design, will share his expertise with you in this information-packed session.

This is an unique opportunity to draw on John’s travel, research, observation and experience to understand emerging market needs and industry trends – and find out how and why it’s so important to keep experimenting with designs, techniques and processes to deliver label and packaging concepts that will attract and captivate customers.

Take a step into the future of this constantly changing and evolving space – and discover how you, like John, can be part of reshaping an industry…one wine label at time.

Stand No: L20
The KAVALAN range of newly-developed printing materials is 0% PVC and 100% clean.Visit us at Stand L20 during PrintEx 2019, 13-16 August, and discover the wonders of the KAVALAN range of products.

Kayell Australia Pty Ltd
Stand No: K20
Kayell Australia's is the vendor of choice for high end imaging. The epicenter of our business is high end photography, and our efforts extend into production for video, graphics arts and fine art. Our deep involvement with Epson has also added ink jet business printing to our portfolio of imaging technologies. At PrintEx19 we will be showcasing our ink jet print media from Canson and Gamut, the Barbierri LFPqb, and Epson's business printers. Our technical staff will be on hand to assist.

Our stand will be displaying just a small sample of what we do at Kayell. In addition to our advanced consultancy, below are just a few of the names that have backed us and trusted us as their partner:

EPSON, GMG Color, Serendipity, Mirage, PrintFactory, Canson Infinity, Gamut, DataColor, Barbieri, GTI, Wacom, Eizo, LaCie, X-Rite, Teradek, Small HD, Aputure, Elinchrom, Godox and many others.

We look forward to seeing you at our stand K20 during PrintEx19.

Kirwan Print Group
Stand No: T22
Kirwan Print group will be exhibiting our latest range of products, including new developments in our digital labels and point of sale products, in both roll to roll and sheeted applications.
We have numerous ways of producing unique products designed to make your clients stand out from the rest.
Fast, Quality products are the name of our game, so come and visit us at stand T22

Kissel & Wolf
Stand No: H37
Building on the success of the Kornit range DTG printing equipment, Kissel & Wolf will be showcasing the amazing Kornit Avalanche PolyPro with Adelco Dryer. The very first digital printer for direct printing onto polyester garments.
The Handtop HT1600 Hybrid UV printer will also feature, complete with Kyocera print heads and UV ink system from Nutec capable of printing rigid and flexible substrates. Another exciting announcement is the Australian debut for the InkCups Helix UV LED Digital Rotary printer which will be printing cylindrical objects every 6 seconds on the stand, the perfect solution for the promotional items printer.
Our go to solution for garment heat transfers and POS signage is the Mutoh VJ628 and VC 600 print & cut package, Kissel & Wolf will demonstrate the complete STAHLS heat transfer range of products and presses. Rounding off our portfolio of exciting products is the Mutoh 1638UR, the perfect solution for signage, POS and interior decoration printing with low odour VOC ink system.

Koenig Machinery
Stand No: R34
Koenig Machinery is a specialist laser machine, materials and tooling retailer. Our goal is your success and we are dedicated to Innovation, Quality and Customer Service, at an affordable price.
We work closely with you to understand your needs, allowing us to find the right machine for you and your budget. We providing calibration, set-up, training, ongoing maintenance and technical support for the life of your machine.With Koenig you can have piece of mind and be assured that a laser expert is there to help you every step of the way.

We have a full range of CO2 laser machine for engraving and cutting different materials such as paper, card, fabric, rubber, acrylic, wood/mdf etc. Ask about of 1309XM machine cutting both metal and non-metal materials. We also supply fiber marking machine for extreme precision and speed when marking metals and plastic materials. For the Industrial customers talk to us about our fiber cutting range for cutting different metal materials, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass etc.
For all of your laser cutting needs there is a machine that is perfect for you. Come and talk to one of our team today and we will find the perfect machine for your application.

Konica Minolta
Stand No: D37
Konica Minolta showcasing the latest in digital printing and label printing at PrintEx

Konica Minolta will never stop printing. With a long history in innovative technology and solutions for print, it remains committed to developing solutions that help print companies create, innovate and deliver. Konica Minolta will affirm its position as a leading supplier of innovative print technology and solutions at PrintEx and will launch the new AccurioLabel 230 at the event. Visitors will also see a range of other solutions including the AccurioPress C6100; AccurioPress C3080; HP Latex Production Printer; MGI Jet Varnish 3DS as well as the latest in workflow and print automation solutions. Samples from the AccurioJet KM-1 will be on display and a new high-volume colour press will be previewed by NDA.

KPowerScience Co., Ltd.
Stand No: R42
With 40-year experience, KPowerScience Co., Ltd. (Winjet) has its own R&D, manufacturing line and system integration team for several industrial printers and digital label solutions.

Winjet Product Spectrum:
a. Monochrome Laser Printers
- Continuous Fanfold Forms (Tractor-Fed)
- Non-Contact Cold Fusing
- Up to 156 ppm (A4, 2-up)
- Media Width: Max. 18” Wide
- Various Emulations

b. Color Inkjet Printers
- Roll-to-Roll / Tractor-Fed
- 60 ppm (A4)
- Printable Width: Max. 8.7”

c. Corrugated / Cardboard Print Engine
- Digital Color Inkjet
- 60 ppm (A4)
- 800 dpi

d. Digital Label Finishers
- Lamination
- Digital Die Cutting
- Waste Removal
- Slitting
- Sheet Cutting

e. Marking & Coding Engines
- 4”-Wide Mono Print Engine
- 1”-Wide Spot Color Print Engine

Kunshan Yijiao Decorative Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Stand No: L44
YIJIAO,established since 2008,now is a professional manufacturer in field of signage,including cut letter,fabricated metal letter, led sign letters, neon signs,light box,window decoration,directional sign and acrylic products.

KURZ Australia Pty Ltd
Stand No: R26
KURZ Australia Stand R26

KURZ will wow designers and brand owners alike with dazzling examples of foiling and embellishment that demonstrate how you can elevate and differentiate your brand from the crowd. With stamping foils available for all surfaces and applications it’s no surprise that KURZ remain the undisputed Global leaders in smart surface decoration and at Labels & Packaging Expo you will see many exciting and functional examples of labels and packaging that have that “WOW” factor.
Today, product packaging and surface decoration can also play a major role in protecting your brand and protecting your products from the scourge of piracy and counterfeiting. KURZ Trustconcept solutions allow brand owners to protect their products without compromising brand image and packaging.
KURZ will show examples of their Trustseal brand protection devices and demonstrate the Trustcode software suite with its modular design allowing – Track & trace; - Product & Warranty validation; - Customer engagement activities linking to brand websites, augmented reality sites, or offering complimentary products or services. KURZ Trustconcepts feature technology developed by the same people who protect the new Australian Banknotes, so you know they will protect your brand!
Drop by and visit KURZ Australia at Stand R26 to see why major brand owners & designers across the globe specify KURZ.

Call 1300 00 KURZ | |

Label Line Pty Ltd
Stand No: Q16
Label Line the supplier of the largest range of labels on sheets or rolls. Introducing our creative range of
sizes, shapes and fresh new colours. Please visit stand Q16 to have a chat and pick up your swatch book and free samples to add to your Label Line catalogue. View the website for the full list of sizes and stock choices. over 12,000 choices.

Label Power pty ltd
Stand No: T28
22 years experience in labelling software, label printers, label finishing and cutting machines, label applicators and dispensers. Sales, service and support in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Brands represented include Bartender, Datamax, DPR, Epson, Evolis, GCC, Great Engineering, Honeywell, Labelmate, OKI, Primera, Unicolor, TSC, VIPColor and Zebra.
Trade Label and Tag printing service

Lamination System Pty Ltd
Stand No: P 24
This year Lamination System will be showcasing the best in digital and automated laminating machines from around the world. From desktop celloglazers through to automatic laminators, all equipment will be on demonstration for you to experience.

With over 400 units sold Australia wide our MINIBOND celloglazer is perfect for short run digital laminating. Capable of single and double sided laminating and available up to 520mm wide, these machines feature a commercial chrome heating roller for gaining maximum adhesion to digital print. This year we will also be launching the new MINIBOND PRO for semi-automated digital laminating and foiling.

We are bringing the latest model European QLAM SAB 35WF, a purpose built SRA3 fully automatic digital laminator with a difference. Capable of laminating sheets up to 12m/min. A small footprint and many commercial features make this machine unlike anything currently available on the Australian market. Ask for a demonstration to see first class user friendliness and precision like no other.

We will also be offering demonstrations on our popular SIGN MASTER range of wide format laminators. Come and try it for yourself and experience the advantage of a proven trade machine.

As trade laminators for over 30 years, we know what it takes to produce a great finish and we only sell quality equipment for the trade professional. Come and talk to our experienced staff on stand P24 about your laminating requirements.

Lite Group Pty Ltd
Stand No: S18
Lite Group has been manufacturing innovative honeycomb cardboard products locally in Australia since 2015. Having successfully launched our Clayform void filler line for the construction industry, we have now expanded our range to include innovative packaging solutions through to premium printable graphic board products.

Matrix Frame
Stand No: i17
Matrix Frame has revolutionised what it means to put print on display. Our aluminium frames and lightboxes house eye-catching tension fabric graphics that are much more convenient to ship, store, and swap out than traditional prints, which translates to huge savings on shipping costs. Each lightweight aluminium frame is engineered for both flexibility and longevity - easy to assemble, yet able to support countless graphics over its lifetime.
Matrix Frame is a trade only supplier to the industry providing our unique framing system either pre-cut to size, or as lengths for the customer to convert themselves. We do not provide printed faces as we don’t want to operate as competition to our customers in the marketplace.
Matrix Frame will have several new products for this year’s Printex. We have launched four new extrusions to our range bringing the total up to 27 extrusions stocked here in Australia. Additionally we will be introducing our dynamic LED lighting system which allows the rear RGB LED screen to be programmed to add movement to the front face, and lastly, we will be showcasing our new BIPS lighting which will be released before Christmas. This revolutionary LED lighting does not require separate transformers and clips directly to the Matrix Frame extrusions without the need for screws.
With our unique framing systems and silicone-edge fabric graphics, anything is possible. Selling wholesale to the trade, we've been setting the industry standard for years. Call today to learn more about becoming a Matrix Frame dealer or re-seller.

Stand No: O37

We are the maker of Promeg - a graphics grade, printable sheet made right here in Australia.
Use it to make your next job stand out from the crowd, be it retail POS, shop window displays, packaging, signage or stationery. Promeg is a guilt free choice with great environmental credentials. Don’t want to throw it away at the end of its useful life? Simply return it to Megara to be recycled. From UV digital flatbed, right through to screen or UV offset printable, Promeg is the obvious choice for your next project.

Mimaki Australia Pty Ltd
Stand No: C37
Mimaki Australia will be demonstrating the best of our tried and proven technology matched with Mimaki’s latest innovations. On Display on our stand will be the UCJV300 Series. Now available in 4 sizes UCJV300-75 (Prints 800mm width). UCJV300-107 (Prints 1090mm width). UCJV300-130 (Prints 1361mm width). UCJV300-160 (Prints 1610mm width). Mimaki Australia is on target to sell 200 units of the UCJV 1.6m wide models within a 2 year period a must visit to see the future of print & cut.
Also on display we will be the first showing of the brand New JFX200-2513 EX. The JFX200-2513 EX is a successor model of JFX200-2513 (on display also), a large flatbed LED UV inkjet printer on sale from 2013. The JFX200-2513 EX is capable of directly printing on a wide variety of materials including white board, transparent/coloured board, wood, cardboard, and metal with a size of up to 2,500mm x 1,300mm. The newly developed head unit has increased the speed of white & colour simultaneous print used for transparent/coloured boards by 200% compared to the conventional model. The newly featured "Draft mode" achieves a higher-grade productivity, realizing a maximum printing speed of 35m2/h. See this and more please visit Mimaki Australia stand.

M-Power Software
Stand No: M44
M-Power MIS is an all-in-one management software designed for sign makers, wide-format printers, packaging companies & garment printers. It features seamless integration to MYOB and Xero. Our key strengths are in quoting, job management and costing. We use Cruncher technology to deliver a powerful and flexible quoting system complete with wizards to get you underway quickly. Even your clients can quote and order their jobs through our online portal. Our factory floor barcoding system means you always know where all jobs are in production and you have full transparency to job costings and the productivity of your staff.
We aim to reduce the time required to perform everyday tasks such as quoting, jobs sheets and invoicing. At the same time, we seek to improve the consistency and accuracy of your data.
We integrate business information and provide you with real-time information on costs and productivity so you can make informed decisions and better understand how your business is travelling.
We aim to take the knowledge from people’s heads and put it in the system. We aim to improve the value of your business, makes it less vulnerable to staff changes and make it easier for key staff to spend time away from, or building the business. We seek to provide a framework for growth – putting systems in place that allow you to grow in a controlled way without the need to employ new staff unnecessarily. M-Power is proudly Australian designed, developed, proven and supported.

Multicam CNC Routing Systems
Stand No: N28
Multicam CNC cutting machines are used by sign and display companies to manufacture cut out designs, POS displays, 3D panels and other components in all types of material including MDF, timber, acrylic, Alupanel, X-Board, Signfoam, aluminium and engraving materials.

Available in a range of sizes and configurations, all machines can be supplied with options such as oscillating knife heads, creasing attachments and camera recognition systems to make the production of signage and point-of-sale displays simple and economical. Common machine sizes include 1200mm x 1200mm, 2500mm x 1500mm, 4000mm x 1500mm, with many other choices available. This means that, no matter what product you use, we have a machine to suit.

Be sure to check out the industry leading Trident Cutting Machine. This triple head cutting machine offers unrivaled versatility and performance, in a heavy duty construction designed to meet the demands of the industry. Print and Cut capability, coupled with knife cutting capability to 120mm in thickness, and heavy duty routing head, means that you are not limited in the choice of substrate, to produce unique projects.

Multicam Systems has been supplying CNC routing machinery to the sign, printing and POS industries for over 30 years. Through our offices in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, our factory trained technicians offer prompt, reliable service and advice ensuring that you get the best from your investment.

Visit us and talk to one of our technicians about how a Multicam CNC cutting machine can help your business become more versatile and profitable.

Mutoh Australia
Stand No: C47
Mutoh will be exhibiting its range of EcoSolvent and UV printers including the Australian release of new, high speed, 1.6M wide roll-to-roll EcoSolvent printers. The new printers are ‘Built for Professionals’ with options of either Dual CMYK or CMYK, LC, LM, LK, and deliver ‘Made in Japan’ quality with cost effective, high speed production.
Also, on display will be the new ValueJet 628MP. Featuring new CMYK and white resin-based inks with a wide colour gamut, the 630mm wide VJ-628MP and 1625mm wide 1627MH are designed to print on any substrate making it a practical proofing device for the packaging industry.
With legendary Mutoh reliability and ease of maintenance a Mutoh printer is a must for every trade shop and sign writer.

Neopost Australia
Stand No: F28
Neopost Australia is a global technology company and the recognised market leader in Business Mailing,Document Finishing and Large Format Print Solutions with a reputation for quality, reliability and service. Neopost Australia provides equipment, supplies, service and in-house finance within the Australian market.
Neopost Australia's head office is located in Regents Park, Sydney. We have branches nationwide in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide; along with authorised dealers in Northern Territory, Tasmania and New Zealand.
Neopost Australia is highly committed to providing Business Mailing, Print Finishing, Large Format and Digital Solutions that suit specific organisational needs.

Stand No: E53
Smart printers, print resellers, signwriters and agencies are evolving.
They’re adding Nettl. Nettl is a toolkit of training, support, engaging marketing, clever software and systems. It helps our partners do more web. It helps them do more for their existing clients, and win new ones, using their existing in-house team. It’s the evolution. It’s the way to survive the print shop apocalypse.
Ready to discover how? Stop by for a chat, you'll find us at stand E53 and you can check us out online at

Nova Sublimation Australia
Stand No: K10
Nova Sublimation Australia Established for over 25 years there’s not much we can’t help you with
We are Dye Sublimation Specialists in Desktop and Large format Systems.
We have everything you need to get you up and running.
Come and Talk to us about some great show specials on our Dye Sublimation Printers.
Nova sublimation has just been appointed MUTOH Dealers. we are excited to work with them and a great range of products It the next step in the digital imaging & print.
We will also be launching 2 x new Products. DuraLuxe a NEW UV Outdoor Dye Sublimation Panels and Subli-Glaze, a DIY Dye Sublimation Aerosol Coating for soft and hard Substrates.

O'Brien Engineering Pty Ltd
Stand No: J17
O’Brien Engineering is a family owned and operated company, established for over 50 years. We are major suppliers to the engraving, sign and custom fabrication industries, specialising in precision sheet metalwork achieved through the latest CNC machinery including laser cutters, press brake benders, routers & turret punches. We stock a large range of engraving/signage materials, hand operated guillotines & die punches to speed up your production along with many other products.

Océ Australia
Stand No: H18
Explore the creative possibilities with digital printing solutions, be inspired by high value applications and boost business performance with Océ Australia.
Whether you want to make your production more efficient or find new ways to add value for your customers, Océ Australia will show you how at PRINTEX 2019.

Océ Australia will showcase a range of both wide format and small format applications, to illustrate the emotional power of print and how it can be used to create an inspiring, unique and unexpected experience for consumers from home to street to store.
You will discover a real life success story of how to fuel emotion with print. The Océ Australia stand is inspired by the work of a London-based photographer, Horst A. Friedrichs. He embarked on a journey that started with a promotional campaign for his ‘Speed’ photobook of lifestyle images and was followed by a myriad of promotional and merchandising print applications. The campaign demonstrates the power of digital print by combining the emotional experience of high quality and textured print with the digital value for targeted communication and short run production.

Be inspired by our innovative technology solutions and learn how the ground-breaking Océ Colorado with Océ UVgel technology and latest developments in the Océ Arizona Series are driving growth and creating fresh opportunities for new and existing customers.

PHE Paper Handling Equipment
Stand No: E07
PHE is one of the leading Print Finishing Equipment suppliers in Australia & New Zealand, servicing the print industry with a range of quality branded products that include Rynak, Dumor, Superfax, Qupa, Hohner and more.....we have the finishing solution to your needs.

With over 25 years of experience, we have the expertise to understand and implement your requirements in a timely and cost effective manner. All of our products are backed up with our quality and service guarantees that ensure you are receiving the right product at the right price.

From Hydraulic Guillotines to Card Cutters, Booklet Makers to Creasing Machines, Laminators to Staplers, Drills and Crease Fold systems, we stand behind every piece of equipment we provide. Our friendly customer service staff are always there to help and our network of trained service technicians can provide timely solutions to any questions you may have.
Australian owned and operated, please feel free to contact us on 1800 632 200 or email us at

Photo Direct
Stand No: E06
Photo Direct are one of the industry leading Wholesalers and Suppliers of Commercial supplies into the Printing and Photographic industries.
Stocking a wide range of industry leading supplies and print equipment, we pride ourselves on long term partnerships and working with our clients to deliver the best outcome.

Pinz Pty Ltd
Stand No: R32
Branded Blinds by Pinz allows you to offer your customers versatile and functional branding opportunities with maximum impact and minimum effort.
Offer the flexibility to control light, shade and temperature, and maximise branding through our beautiful Australian made blinds featuring full digital print and high-quality components.
Every building you walk into has windows and as we all know where there’s glass there’s a branding opportunity! Branded Blinds offer a great window and glass solution providing much needed shade, privacy and flexibility along with other functional requirements, whilst complimenting traditional signage products.
Pinz is Australia’s premier wholesale blind fabricator and we have invested significantly in digital print technology to offer you a fully branded range of window furnishings. All printing and production is done in-house in our state of the art South Australian manufacturing facility with quality control you can rely on and quick turn around to meet your deadlines.
Upload your artwork, sign off on the proof and wait for your Branded Blinds to arrive ready for a quick and easy “two bracket” installation. Spend your time investing in your business and let the Branded Blinds experts help you create a unique signage opportunity that is there when it’s needed and simply rolls away when it’s not.
Branded Blinds by Pinz are easy to order, quick to install and allows you to develop a fantastic outsourced revenue stream and turnkey solution for every window.
Come and see our Branded Blinds display at booth R32 and let us show you how to get started today!

Stand No: F07
Pozitive servicing the sign and graphics industry for over 25 years will be showcasing the latest from there key suppliers. swissQprint flatbed LED printer and the latest from the karibu roll to roll printer. See live demonstrations on Europe’s best flatbed printer 4 years in a row and see why this is the printer setting the benchmark in the industry.

Summa F series flatbed cutter and packaging software solution showing live demonstrations of cutting and creasing to streamline your print to cut workflow and improve production in your business.

DGI dye sublimation along with Kiian ink, Transjet paper and Monti Antonio heat presses. Come and see why we are the leaders in the Australian market for dye sublimation textile printing and the key customers that work with us for our quality, colour and technical expertise.

Ritrama live Ute wrap of our low lux with competition winners! See the winner announced for our amazing trip to Italy! Along with all our key consumables.

Pozitive are excited to have visitors from Key suppliers – Adriano Gut from swissQprint along with representatives from Summa, DGI and Ritrama to support our team.

Pozitive being one of only few suppliers that are family run and Australian Owned are excited to showcase why they are so passionate about the sign and graphics industry servicing and supporting everything we sell supporting Australian manufacturers to be the best they can be.

Stand No: D01
GEW is the world’s largest supplier of UV drying systems to the printing industry. Australian company Pressology is now partnering with GEW to introduce their advanced LED UV drying system into Australia, as a retrofit system to your printing press.

UV Drying is critical to improving your print order and enables you to deliver a superior sheetfed job. Within a short payback period, Pressology & GEW improves your production in many ways.

With GEW LED UV you can:
• Print on plastics
• Achieve sharper dots and vibrant colours
• Eliminate marking and scratching
• Eliminate spray powder or sealers
• Achieve instant drying and fast turnaround

LED UV means no marking when perfecting and no set off sheet to sheet. There is no powder spray required and no waiting for long periods of time for sheets to dry. There is also no need to stack protective pallets in delivery.

Very little heat is generated and therefore stock distortion is minimal, with water-cooled LED UV lampheads. Instant drying means no loss of colour from absorption or evaporation and gives the ability to print on non-absorbent stocks with greater colour impact. Sheets can immediately be returned to the press for further printing and are instantly ready for finishing.

LED UV gives the printer a competitive edge, enabling litho quality to be achieved in the same turnaround time as digital work. Transform your offset press with a GEW LeoLED UV drying system from Pressology.

Prime Grafix
Stand No: D03
Prime Grafix. Stop. Think. Be Different. In this highly digital age, presentation does matter.
The important information we leave with customers is more valuable than ever.
Prime Grafix provides custom presentation solutions, locally manufactured, Australia wide.
The distributor for Unibind presentation solutions for 14 years, we have invested heavily and developed products in providing solutions for digital print applications. We specialise in quality binding and professional presentation products for printed documents. Check us out @ stand D 03.
This year at Print Ex, we will be showcasing 3 products:
The new Flat Bed Digital Foil Printer allows you to personalise your books, notebooks, agenda, contracts and more. The system is a digital printer that prints foil directly from a digital file on any flat surface. Just connect the Flat Bed Digital Foil to your computer.
The Graphics Pack designed to get a cost effective and simple Bespoke hard casing book system into Digital Printers for short Run applications.
The V Paper Tower twists a double-fold near the edge of every printed sheet, which can then be bound together with triple staples, perfect binding machines or thermal binding systems. The result is a lay-flat book which is easy to read and write on.

Stand No: N18
Prime Sign is one of the largest manufacturers specialized in printing materials for indoor and out door advertising. We are releasing new materials for PVC FREE MATERIALS, Digital Printable Fabric For Tents&Curtain&Display, DOUBLE SIDES PRINTABLE MESH&FABRIC, FLOOR GRAPHICS MATERIALS, WALL GRAPHICS MATERIALS, WINDOW GRAPHICS MATERIALS, SPECIAL LAMINATION FILM, MemoBoard Solution, Magnetic/Ferrous Printable Film, vehicle graphics MATERIALS, EASY STICKER, and EASY PAD in 2019

Print Focus Pty Ltd
Stand No: M37
Print Focus is an innovative printing company, providing large-scale, full colour digital printing service. We have large product range for POS retail, Event, Trade Show, Business, Signage, etc. All job can be delivered all around Australia. We aim to build up long term business relationship with our customer. Simply give us a call, your printing solution is here.

Stand No: A37
IQ is a multinational group of companies employing more than 40 staff in 5 countries. We currently have product sales, support, and development staff in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and USA.
In a time when print management software desperately needs to keep up with the changing market, very few providers have an active R&D programme in place, most are offshore and are simply working through a distributor. In contrast, IQ is focused on the future of print, in all its facets, and we back this up with our in-house development team.
In fact, we are increasingly one of the only companies that is in a position to deliver custom requirements to the printing industries. When you combine a comprehensive off the shelf MWS with custom software development skills, and print industry experts, our dedicated solutions can only deliver exceptional results.
Why IQ?
Customers are looking for a point of difference, at IQ you will definitely find one:
• We have people that know the various industries and segments in which we work, they understand the process, so we’re much more than just an IT company
• We have our own in-house development team so if we don’t have it, we can build it
• In our flagship print product, printIQ, we offer the most comprehensive print management system on the market today.
• Our goal is to be the number one choice for MWS; we’ll achieve that one happy customer at a time.

QLM Label Makers
Stand No: R40
At QLM Label Makers we bring LABELS ALIVE with premium quality labels, beautiful packaging and the the best value thermal and colour label printers and consumables, QLM will showcase the FULL DIGITAL EXPERIENCE. Explore the digital pathway of Thermal Printers from TOSHIBA, to Desktop Colour Printers from EPSON and VIP Colour, then on to Industrial Quality Digital Print Systems from ADSI as well as the amazing capabilities of HP Indigo. Enlightening Workshops will allow you to explore your options and ask questions about how digital can work for you.

Quote & Print Software
Stand No: L18
Quote & Print are exhibiting our new Q&P Cloud MIS System at Stand L18 at PrintEx19.

With Q&P Cloud you can manage your print business anywhere, anytime.

Quote & Print Software is the most experienced Australian Print MIS software company, providing solutions to the industry since 1981.

With our next-generation Cloud system, we have added mobile apps for both Apple iPads/iPhones and Android phones/pads/tablets for mobile estimating and quoting.

We also offer a bar-code scanning app to quickly capture job times and status with Android phones/pads/tablets.

Q&P Cloud includes powerful APIs with integration to MYOB and Xero, plus connecting with the Zapier App Gateway used by many third-party software packages.

The software is hosted on the Microsoft data centres in Australia, which provide the highest levels of security and backup for your data.

In parallel with all this, we will continue to support and add functionality to our current Quote & Print Software, used by hundreds of customers.

We will also have our Web-to-Print partner OnPrintShop exhibiting at our stand. We offer a two-way integration "Connect" module between OnPrintShop and the Quote & Print System.

This integrated Web-to-Print software can make it easier for your key customers to do business with you, help you to get a larger share of your customers' printing dollars, and keep your competitors at bay.

Please visit us at Stand L18 or contact your Q&P Distributor via to arrange a demo of the Quote & Print Cloud System and discuss how we can assist you in managing your business.

Rayjet Laser
Stand No: I13
The Rayjet laser series, designed and manufactured by Trotec, offers industrial grade and cost-effective laser solutions and is used by thousands of start-ups, education institutes and established businesses around the world.
The Rayjet 50 is a compact and entry-level CO2 laser machine ideal for engravers, designers and schools. The Rayjet 300 is a mid-size laser machine ideal for demanding applications including signage, trophies, stamps, promotional items and prototyping. The R500 is a robust large format laser cutter and engraver capable of processing up to 15mm wood, acrylic and many other materials.
Backed by Trotec’s superior engineering and the service and support team, an investment in a Rayjet laser is the smart choice. Additionally, extended warranties are available.
The extensive range of laser materials produced by Trotec are ideal for use in Rayjet lasers including TroLase, TroGlass, Woods, Paper, Promotional Items and Anodised Auminium.
Visit Rayjet on stand I13.

Renz Australia Pty Ltd
Stand No: G03
Automation, innovation and profit generating “value add “ideas for small and large production runs plus new products in our equipment portfolio will be the Renz Australia focus at Printex 19.
It will also be a timely forum to announce our new distribution agreement with Plockmatic and demonstrate their new BM3035/3050 modular booklet maker as well as the Australian launch of the new Renz Digisort intelligent, high speed sheet separation and sorting device from Renz.
Visit us on stand GO3 to see and discuss innovative, labour saving solutions from our extensive range of desk top, semi-automatic and fully automatic punching and binding systems, case making, photo books, commercial laminating and perfect binding, all noted for their quality and reliability.
On our stand will be demonstrated the:
• Renz Digisort - an intelligent, high speed, sheet separation device which can be used for any high-speed application that requires the high-speed counting, separation and sorting of sheets from a single stack. Typically, this device is used for printed bespoke photo calendars or books.
• New Plockmatic BM3035/3050 modular booklet maker, packed with a host of unique echnologies, most notably the SquareFold
• Plockmatic SFT - SquareFold Trim Module which combines Square Folding and Trimming in one module. Stapled and folded booklets are inserted and out comes a professionally finished document – with the sharp squarefold spine and trimmed front edge. It can also provide operator assisted three-side trimming.
• GMP Q Topic 380 Auto - automatic laminating/celloglazing machine.
• “Digital Sleeking” technology which is a process using special laminating film to create a spot varnish effect on print. There are several different finishes including gloss, matt, holographic or metallic.
• Masterbind 50 B single clamp Perfect Binder. Its ease of operation and small footprint makes it ideal for the POD environment.

Our goal is to empower our customers with ideas and quality, German engineered equipment and consumables that reduce labour costs and turnaround time through automation and assist them to expand their in-house services.

Ricky Richards
Stand No: N14
Established in 1983, Ricky Richards is a family owned and operated business that has grown to become Australia’s leading supplier of specialised textiles. Ricky offers the highest quality products, along with a commitment to large stock holdings and excellence in customer service, ensuring complete confidence when specifying or ordering anything from their extensive range.

This year at PrintEX the Ricky team would like to take you on a journey through their entire range of digital print media. On the Ricky stand: N14, you will find solutions suitable for a multitude of applications, including exhibition displays, flags, billboards, lightboxes, floor graphics, window graphics, wall coverings and more, to bring any idea to life.

There are so many new and exciting things Ricky has recently launched that you must stop by stand N14.

Ricky specialises in PVC banner, mesh, soft signage fabrics & textiles and floor graphics, substrates for all forms of printing, including products for solvent and UV curable, latex, aqueous and dye sublimation. From billboard vinyl, backlit flex face vinyl and soft signage fabrics to self-adhesive vinyl, printable wallpaper and flooring, we have you covered with a comprehensive range.

Ricoh Australia
Stand No: D18
Imagine the future Ricoh could bring, embrace the change driven by innovative ideas. As a truly global technology provider, we believe in improving work life through creativity, collaboration and seamless technology to empower digital workplaces.

Offering all-encompassing digital Commercial and Industrial Printing Solutions tailored to individual business needs. Supported by superior service, Ricoh enhances your worklife by integrating smart workflow processes making digital print production more mobile, more personal and more profitable.

At Ricoh, we have built a strong production organisation equipped with a range of products and solutions that promise to deliver value helping you challenge the status quo.

Our team of experienced, trusted specialists will listen to you, develop an understanding of your business drivers and always implement the ‘right’ Ricoh Commercial and Industrial Print Solution partnering with your business, now and into the future.

For more information visit

Roland DG
Stand No: A28
Roland DG will again show their continued support of the industry, taking the Platinum Sponsorship of PrintEx and VI.

Visitors to the Roland DG stand can expect to see a comprehensive range of the company’s products and solutions on display, including three new products launched this year alone: the BT-12 Direct-to-Garment printer, LEF2-200 Benchtop UV printer, and the award-winning VG2 Series printer cutters.

Built for on-demand personalisation, the BT-12 is the company’s first direct-to-garment printer for printing directly to cotton-based products. Compact and easy-to-use, the BT-12 meets the ever-increasing demand by customers for personalised products, growing revenue opportunities for businesses.

The latest addition to the popular LEF series of UV flatbed printers, the LEF2-200 prints amazing graphics and lifelike textures such as simulated embossing, onto a vast array of materials up to 100mm thick. A host of advanced functions such as a positioning jig, new VersaWorks 6 software and an intuitive interface make the LEF2-200 even easier and more efficient to use.

The TrueVIS VG2 Series printer cutters improve upon the already high standards set by the previous award-winning VG Series. With a new generation of TR2 ink that supports Orange ink, the colour gamut has been expanded to create stunning graphics with richer colours. The VG2 offers a host of technological advancements to improve both printing and cutting accuracy for reliable results during unattended operation.

The stand will also feature a dedicated design station where stand attendees can design and output their own keepsake on the BT-12 Direct-to-Garment Printer.

Stand No: S10
Rotary Engineering was established in 1975 and has worked closely with the printing industry with a special focus on the label and packaging sector. Our range of products includes label converting machines, flexographic presses and coaters, digital finishing systems, converting equipment including slitter rewinders, print reinsertion equipment and sheeter batcher stackers, as well as specially designed and engineered machines which are purpose-built to suit specific customer requirements. With more than 40 years’ experience and engineering knowledge the team at Rotary Engineering is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry. We take pride in all our equipment and will always work with our customer to offer the best solution, manufactured to the highest standards.

Rowmark Australia
Stand No: K16
Drop by and see Rowmark’s great new products, they will impress!
Rowmark’s range of Rotary, Laserable and UV-LED printable laminates offers over 500 colour combinations across 3000 products from 25 versatile product groups, along with with ColorTuff EXT an external sublimatable sheeting.
ColorTuff EXT by Duraluxe is the industry’s first 5 year exterior sublimatable aluminum sheeting with a unique patented “double powder coating process. Available in 3 different finishes these panels have certified accelerated weather testing to ISO 1164-4 standards and with anti-graffiti qualities against inks and sprays allowing the finish project to meet the demands of the harshest environment.
Changes to the Building Code of Australia has impacted on what substrates can be used for external building signage and Colortuff EXT offers a solution with a 5yr outdoor colourfast warranty. Currently undergoing Fire Testing compliance, this product offers a solution to meet the rigours endured by exterior signage meeting the creative expectation and all compliance requirements.
For architectural and braille signage the new Reverse Light Blockers Metallics are making their mark, with The Naturals offering a contemporary exterior textured marble, granite and wood finished that will stand up to the elements.
Rowmark Colorshop Woods stained panels and new Premium Hardwoods along with the Saddle Collection range of faux-leather bespoke product are laserable and UV-LED printable presenting opportunities for custom products and giftware.
Whatever your market, Rowmark offers your business a choice of the right products, for right location and applications to match your clients’ specific needs and expectations.

SAled Australia
Stand No: J 35
SALED Australia brings the Latest LED Technology to PRINTEX19
SAled Australia is Australia’s No. 1 Website’ for LED & Power Supplies and will give visitors to PRINTEX19 a chance to see the very latest advances in LED’s at the Sydney show.
SAled supplies more than 80 different LED module types from back lit and side lit modules, to 3D lettering modules, and strip lighting.
It also carries Power Supply Units from MeanWell & Osram, and a comprehensive range of accessories from its headquarters at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane.
Products are backed by manufacturers’ warranties and the company’s outstanding technical product support, based on unrivalled expertise and some 20 years’ experience in the illuminated signage industry.
Knowledge and relationships built up over this time is what really sets SAled apart, and that’s what we will be demonstrating to visitors at PRINTEX19.
LED is still a relatively young industry in Australia and has only been around for about a decade, while our experience in the signage industry is double that so we have the knowledge necessary to help our clients select the right systems to deliver the best illumination, efficiency and value for money.
We also offer a complete design and specification service, including layouts, which will ensure you have the right solution for maximum illumination and efficiency at the lowest cost, while increasing the efficiency of your production team and adding real value to your customers business.
SALED Australia__Stand J35 at PRINTEX19.
For further information contact us E: W: WWW.SA-LED.COM.AU

SAS Supplier Group
Stand No: N37
Based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, the SAS Supplier Group offer an
extensive range of products for the signage, building and residential markets.
Our range covers aluminium composite panels, display and exhibition equipment,
rigid board, decorative film and LED lighting.
Our exhibition & display equipment range is always growing. We also can boast an expanding list of print &
digital media from rigid board, corflute, SAV, laminate & one way vision. We can proudly say that both our
company, and product range, continues to grow consistently and we’re excited about what lies ahead and upcoming new products:
• Acrylic Sheets
• Aluminium Sheets

Screen GP Australia
Stand No: B08
SCREEN GP Australia is co-exhibiting with Jet Technologies on stand B08 at Printex 19.

The focus will be on live demonstrations of our Truepress Jet L350UV digital label press, running CMYK+White and Orange ink. The 60 metres/minute inkjet press will also be fitted with the optional chill roller system for printing on thinner label stocks. There will also be samples of the recently introduced blue ink for richer blues and wider gamut.

In addition, we will have live demonstrations of our Equios workflow, Hybrid’s PackZ and Cloudflow label and packaging software and CGS colour management software.

For those interested in high speed inkjet we will have printed samples from our award-winning Truepress Jet 520HD digital web press with SC inks. This combination enables a broad range of standard offset stocks to be printed by inkjet, delivering vibrancy and resolutions comparable to the best offset. Samples will include a test image printed on both the 520 HD SC inkjet web press and an offset press, providing a direct comparison and proving the 520HD is suitable for commercial color work that requires offset sheetfed quality.

Computer-to-Plate is another area of continued success for Screen. While many consider this a mature technology, Screen has continued to innovate with higher productivity, much lower energy usage and greater laser reliability. See us to learn more about our offset and flexo CTP.

Screen and valued partner Jet Technologies extend a warm welcome to all.

Come and share a coffee with us on stand B08 at Printex!

Stand No: M46
FESPA Australia is the Association that connects you to the global resources of both FESPA and SGIA. We provide a range of services and support for companies who add value through graphic imaging of products and materials. Our members include leading digital printers, screen printers, signmakers and promotional products printers who manufacture a diverse range of products. Find out more about our Colour Management Bootcamp. This intensive 3-day hands-on workshop will teach you all the skills to manage colour and is your first step to the international SGIA Digital Colour Professional Certification.

You will learn how to apply the latest print standards and specifications to maximise customer satisfaction; How to use colour
measurement instrumentation and profiling software for faster pre-press and superior quality control and also techniques for rapid
device calibration, media profiling and print verification.

Shann DPM
Stand No: P37
Description online version:
Shann DPM are a premium supplier of a comprehensive range of sign and large format flexible medias and substrates, sourced from the highest quality manufacturers worldwide and distributed nationally from our warehousing and distribution facilities within Australia and New Zealand. Our global partners include industry leading materials from POLI-TAPE group, APA print & film technologies, Catalina Graphic Films, Mehler Texnologies, SIHL & Edge Media. We supply materials up to 5 metres wide and provide solutions for all print platforms. Setting the benchmark as your supply partner "Supply to Create" available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.

Shenzhen Pushi Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No: O45
"PUTY TECHNOLOGY Co, Ltd, located in Shenzhen, is the first professional integrated enterprise of R&D, manufacturing and marketing for label tapes in China with 15 years experience.
Founded in 2004, Since that time, it has grown to one of the largest professional manufacturer of label tapes in global world."

Shire labels Pty Ltd
Stand No: S08
Shire Labels is a family owned company with situated in Kirrawee NSW, we service all of Australia and New Zealand from this facility. We manufacture small and large quantities of labels using the right printing process for each application. Small run digital for bumper stickers and trail 1st run labels to large run flexographic printed labels for the high speed bottling lines. We also rely on our supply partners for world wide experience of application and specifications to make sure the label we supply is the right one for your product. We service online and resale of labels to offset printers.
Augmented Reality: Shire has launched PAR Packaging Augmented reality
Packaging Augmented Reality, brings your product to life and will take it to the next level. Making your promotions completely interactive and with world wide exposure. .
By simply using a phone you pack will come to life with real time video, competition, how to use, language translation, applications, ingredients’, allergies lists, and lead intro other product lines. With the increase in usage of mobile devices and introduction of the 5G network AR is predicted to grow in the uses where people will look for verification, involvement and entertainment from products. Come and see a Demo of Augmented Reality at our stand

Sign Essentials
Stand No: F47
Sign Essentials is the Australian Distributor for a number of number of highly regarded products and will be exhibiting three in particular at Printex.

There will be the impressive iECHO flatbed cutting devices. On display will be the BK3 model with three cutting heads, print/cut registration, conveyor table, and a host of tooling options. If you have a flatbed printer and need to be able to cut, crease or route the materials coming off it, this is the product for you. iECHO has a huge range of sizes as well as features. We can tailor a machine to suit your needs.

The Lamidesk EasyShift flatbed application table will be at the show, it’s the only table that’s motorised. Come and check out how quick and easy it is to apply vinyl with a Lamidesk. It really does turn application into a genuine one-person job, no matter how long the sheet is.

Finally, there will be the Impact CNC Lightning laser – ideal for engraving and cutting a wide range of materials. Come and see what great cut quality you can get and talk to us about other applications including print-to-cut and textile cutting.

Sign to Badge Solutions
Stand No: A14
Sign to Badge Solutions provides a range of equipment and consumables across many industries including Awards & Recognition, Signage and Promotional. These products include the highly popular DCS UV LED Printing Systems from Direct Color Systems which offer high versatility and outstanding print quality. On our stand you will experience the latest in UV print technology with our Patented Direct to Garment and Braille Printing options. We will also be displaying the Prytec Laser Systems and our range of quality Engraving Materials from Innovative Plastics (IPI), as well as our Poly Drop doming solutions.